Illegal Bed & Breakfast

Blue Tile Beach House currently leased by William McCormick (AKA Liam McCormick), Linda Gallagher (AKA Poni Brendan),  Paul Peters, Angie Peters, Kenny Griswold and Mimi Griswold have been operating this establishment as an illegal Bed & Breakfast for years and may be shut down by the county of Maui. No more reservations shall be taken and some may not be honored.

If refunds are not given you can file a complaint and actions against them. Please contact the following:

1. DCCA’s 808-586-2653 Website: http://cca.hawaii.gov/consumer-complaints/
2. Better Business Bureau: 808-628-3950 https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started.
Please always reference the County of Maui Planning Department complaint number RFS 14-0001182 in your filings.

Linda Gallagher aka Poni Brendan

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